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Greece reduces quarantine for asymptomatic Covid-carriers to 5 days

Greece like USA: Hardly had the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it reduce the time period of quarantine for asymptomatic Covid-carriers and the Greek Health Ministry adopted the same measure.

The quarantine will be reduced to five from ten days that is valid nowadays and thus for all asymptomatic Covid-carriers infected with the Omicron variant and those with mild symptoms.

The reduction of the quarantine days was reportedly decided at an extraordinary meeting by health experts at the Greek Health Ministry on Tuesday.

Health professionals will only be able to return to their work with a negative Covid-test.

After the quarantine period, recovering patients will be wearing a mandatory mask everywhere.

According to CDC instructions updated on Dec 27:

Quarantine/Isolation rules are for people who are infected, for those who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or have taken the booster dose.

* Start time of the isolation starts on the day when a Covid-test turns positive.

* A sick person should be isolated for five days, instead of the 10 previously recommended.

* At the end of five days, if he has no symptoms, he can return to normal activities, but he must wear a mask everywhere, even at home around others, for at least another five days.

* If the patient still has symptoms after the five-day quarantine, he should stay at home until he feels better and then start wearing a mask at all times.

All Greek media report about the reduction of the quarantine on Tuesday afternoon and thus with the same text, however, an official statement by the Greek Health Ministry is still due.

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