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Professor assaulted in auditorium of Athens Economic University

A professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business was assaulted by a group of unidentified assailants who were wearing hoods in an auditorium on Tuesday. The professor was in the middle of a lecture when the group attacked him with punches. When students attempted to intervene to stop the violence they were also beaten. The attackers fled after the incident.

Early unconfirmed reports from the scene suggest that the attack was not politically motivated.

The attackers reportedly shouted insulte at the professor for legal cases in which he is involved.

Sources available to Kathimerini from within the Citizen Protection Ministry report that the professor believes that the attack was planned by three other academics with whom he has been feuding.

CnnGreece reports citing information that the professor has an acquittal order for a financial offense, while a case file regarding indecent acts for which he is accused remains open.

According to Mega TV the victim was involved into a pyramid scam scheme in 2018-2019.

In the oral testimony given to the state security officers by the professor, he stated that three other academics are suspected as ‘the moral perpetrators’ of the attack against him.

The professor was taken to the hospital for preventive reasons due to injuries in the head and underwent a CT scan, Star TV reported.

At the moment, police officers have not investigated but seriously consider some group of anti-authoritarian curtains to be behind the attack.

The rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Dimitris Bourantonis, told media about the incident: “I was informed about the attack shortly after 16:00. As I was informed, strangers with hoods invaded the building on Patision Street and headed to the amphitheater where a lesson was taking place at that time. The hooded men approached the professor and kicked him. On his own initiative, he was taken to the hospital, in order to undergo preventive examinations.”

At the moment, police officers seriously consider some group of anti-authoritarian to be behind the attack and is investigating to identify the attackers.

A prosecutor has ordered a preliminary investigation into the assault.

Meanwhile, on social media Greeks have named the professor and posted also his picture.

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