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Greece’s Vaccination Committee approves 4th dose against Covid-19

Greece’s National Vaccination Committee has given the green light for the 4th dose of vaccines against Covid-19, media report early Tuesday afternoon. Earlier today health officials had said that the 4th dose is currently not aiming at the general population or any age group but only a specific group of people with health issues.

The 4th dose is for those who are registered as immune-compromised, media reported citing sources.

The 4th dose will be administered 3 to 6 months after the booster shot and will reportedly concern some 250,000 people in Greece.

According to media, the online platform for appointment booking is expected to open in the following days. notes, in addition, that high risk groups that they can book an appointment for the 4th dose even 15 days before six months conclude after the booster shot. Greece started the booster shot program since Sept 13, 2021.

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT earlier, the general secretary of  Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous said that the [online booking ?] system is ready for the administration of the 4th dose to those with compromised immunity. He noted that that the 4th dose for the general population has not be approved in EU countries and estimated that there will not be any 4th dose for the general population.

It is not clear whether the Omicron variant will demand a new, modified vaccine dose, he added.

Official announcements are expected later on Tuesday or on Wednesday.

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  1. how is it possible to take these people seriously any more?
    i suppose they also realize that without police beating up on people and slamming heavy fines on people, that almost nobody is willing to take them seriously anymore without being coerced.
    when will this stop? it stops when the people say ‘enough’ and kick these charlatans out (and throw them in prison)!

    • Precisely. They continue, because they don’t face any strong opposition from the population, for now, but it’s obvious that won’t last much longer.

    • Think it will stop when all these anti-vaxxers finally see that there is NO other way out of this misery than through vaccination! Then we all can get back to, a new, normal life. The virus will become, if not totally beaten at least possible to handle and live with. TAKE YOUR JABS, FOLK!!!!

      • If you really believe this then I have a bridge to sell you

      • This Omicron has virtually eradicated the Delta virus and is reducing this Covid to nothing more than a COLD/FLU. These vaccinations are still in the TESTING stage and we are the guinea pigs. I’ll take my chances and pay the fines !!!!!

  2. The tide is turning. With Omicrom people are less afraid and it’s also obvious that the vaccine offers very little protection from it – do the math!

    • I have and the vaccine still helps people from ending up in hospital, seriously ill!
      The only bridge I need is for anti-vaxxers to get a grip on their brain and realise the fact that a vaccine that several millions of people have taken dont need more tests since they are still alive and kicking!!

  3. I am sure most of the people pushing for the vaccinations mean well, however that does not surmise that the results will come out beneficial for all. More and more information is coming out (we will not hear about these facts from KTG and the like, no offence KTG, i do like your website) and as one commentator mentioned above these mRNA vaccinations are in a trial stage. There are still safeguards protecting individuals from medical practices, apparently?. I would be very circumspect about offering advice on the vaccinations, it should be up to the individual, after research (many search engines are available, not just the usual suspect). I have also heard that Omicron presents itself as a natural vaccination (by some mainstream scientists). I hope some normality returns shortly because over the last couple of years this has been profoundly absent, and going forward i hope this results in a lot more transparency from government and the various agencies..