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State broadcaster advises Greeks to keep homes warm with half-open oven & sealed fire places

While all media and TV channels report today on soaring electricity and heating prices, state broadcaster ERT 3 advised on Friday Greeks how to keep their homes warm in an inexpensive way. Some of the ERT’s fine solutions is to have a shower with the door open and to seal the fire place. But the most curious one, not to mention the most dangerous is to have the oven half open.

How will this translate into a lower power bill is not really explained.

Neither it is also explained how long the humid heat from the shower will keep family members warm or how long they will survive if the air tube/chimney of a burning fire place is sealed.

But at least they did not propose that we put head in the oven to dry our hair (or much worse to voluntarily  turn into Sylvia Plaths of the 21st century).

Commenting on twitter, some Greeks recalled a UK energy company that advised Britons amid soaring heating price to cuddle their pets, hula-hoop in their living room or eat porridge to keep warm over the winter.

PS It would be extraordinary comical if it wasn’t inexcusable tragic! Α First Class state farce to low incomers who have to decide: eat or stay in the dark and cold.

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  1. Ridiculous, condescending and insulting to those that are going through financial difficulties.

    • be happy you are not in kozani… the heating is completely off…. and a running gag in my group “ta revmata peftou”

  2. I guess carbon monoxide poisoning is one way to solve the “problem” of poverty. Why not hook up the exhaust of your car into the house?

    Where do they find these people to give this “advice”?

  3. Let’s get this right! We can afford the electricity. It is the government’s tax and surcharges that are the problem! My metered electricity usage accounts for less than 10% of the bill. Blame the politicians for this crises, their over taxing, taxes on tax, lack of investment and future planning, etc. They have their heads in the sand, not the oven.

  4. They’re talking about banning fireplaces and heating with fire. For the environment.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they were talking but can’t do that as especially on the country side only way of heating.