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Greece to enable tax payments via foreign credit and debit cards

Greeks and foreigners will finally get the chance to pay their taxes, duties and levies in Greece using cards issued abroad. The Independent Authority for Public Revenue has reportedly already began a public consultation process and the contractor to undertake the project will be decided within 15 days. Payment to the state through foreign credit and debit cards is expected to be possible within the first quarter of the year, reports daily kathimerini.

According to kathimerini, for example, Greeks living abroad who have to pay inheritance tax and do not have a Greek card will soon be able to pay their dues either via Taxisnet or by visiting a tax office in person and paying at a point of sale (POS) terminal. Also the owner or user of a yacht docking at a Greek port will be able to pay their mooring levy using their foreign cards; up to now the amount due took a long time to get paid to the state, but this will also be done through a PoS, the daily reports.

Nowadays IAPR in cooperation with Interbank Systems SA (DIAS) accepts transactions with cards issued in Greece, either with physical presence (Card Present) or without it (e-POS – Card not Present).

The IAPR has a network of 265 electronic funds transfer at points of sale (EFT/POS) at tax and customs offices around the country. That network is likely to to modified with the abolition or addition of new fixed terminals or mobile points.

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