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US State Dept: No question about Greek sovereignty over Aegean islands

The sovereignty of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea is not in question, the US State Department noted in response to recent statements by Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

In a response to a related query by the Hellas Journalwebsite, a spokesperson of the US State Department clarified that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected and protected. Greece’s sovereignty over these islands is not in question.”

In an interview to Turkish network TRT on Thursday, FM Cavusoglu raised the issue of the demilitarization of Greek islands, adding that Turkey had sent a letter to the United Nations on the issue. He further claimed that the militarization of the islands violated international treaties that established their ceding to Greece, therefore their sovereignty could be brought into question.

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  1. Well, if NATO has its way, the global war that would start in Ukraine/Russia/Eastern Europe would provide the opportunity to some nations to expand at the expense of other weaker military states. We’ve seen that in the past, Greece should be ready.

  2. The exact and precise details in the treaties have been repeatedly and exhaustively been explained to them in no uncertain terms. They can not suddenly invent new ones today by misconstruing what simply is not there.

    When will these endless intolerable provocations ever cease with this unruly, brainless, and dangerous neighbor that deviates so greatly from a civilized world by attempt to barbarically pirate and consistently lie.