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Restrictions for vaccinated to be lifted by end of March, says Greek health minister

More freedom for vaccinated citizens will come by the end of March, health minister Thanos Plevris said on Monday morning adding that unvaccinated citizens will have to live longer with restrictions against the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking to ANT1 TV, Plevris said

“There is still no discussion about lifting restrictions for unvaccinated citizens on the horizon. These people have made a choice that poses a risk to themselves and the society. At the moment we are talking about lifting restrictions only on vaccinated people. By the end of March, most of the measures for the vaccinated will have been lifted”

The use of mask outdoors and keeping distance are gentle measures and do not affect the normalcy, the minister noted.

He added “the feeling that exists and I have said it is that for the next 6 months Europe will be in a better situation, very close to reality, however there is a preparation in all countries for the case the coronavirus returns in the autumn.”

Greece slowly opens up and lifts some restrictions for the vaccinated eyeing an early opening of the tourist season in March.

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  1. Why are the unvaccinated a risk for the society?
    There are more vaccinated people with covid then unvaccinated.
    So where is the risk.
    The unvaccinated are very careful. They protect themselves more and better then the vaccinated.
    The vaccinated are telling me, “we are save and free”.
    Live together, make life together instead of divide this country into two.
    It is like 2020 and 2021.
    The tourists are coming and everything will open. When they are gone, everything will be locked up again.
    And all of this to blame the unvaccinated.
    Come on…

    • “The unvaccinated are very careful. They protect themselves more and better then the vaccinated.”

      If this were true why is there such a high proportion of unvaccinated people in intensive care, intubated and dying when they represent a such a small proportion of the population? Currently only 24 % of the population are unvaccinated yet 74 % of intubated patients are unvaccinated.

      Vaccinated people are not being granted privileges rather vaccinated people are being allowed to return to normal, because they demonstrably represent a lower risk, especially to the healthcare system. Unvaccinated people continue to experience constraints on their freedoms because the constraints are required to deal with their higher risk. They have a simple remedy.

  2. This is nothing short of vindictive.

    • Clemens and n papa I stand with you. I am sick of hearing the self righteous fully vaccinated going on about unvaccinated. So far everyone I know who has contracted Covid is fully vaccinated. I now wait for all the indignant replies to my comment!

  3. If most of us hadn’t been vaccinated because we consider our families, our friends and society….there would have been many more deaths and the doctors,nurses,ambulance workers and all medical staff would have been under more pressure.
    It doesn’t need much brain power to work this out if you look around and consider which decision is the best one for our society ,country and world .🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Clemens says “there are more vaccinated people with covid than unvaccinated.” I don’t know where he got this information, but as reported in this issue of KTG, for Sunday (yesterday) 73% of intubated hospital patients were unvaccinated/partially vaccinated; 26% were fully vaccinated. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that being vaccinated is better than not being vaccinated. I do not understand the total stupidity of the anti-vaxers.

  5. What extra freedoms will the vaccinated have? They don’t seem very restricted now and the rates of Covid are sky high.

    • My question was too like David. I could not figure out what was the liberty not yet excisting? Curious how the summer will be as for many people third jab should be expired and fourth only for the certain group/age as the news told some days ago.

  6. Everyone I know who has contracted the virus has been fully vaccinated. Bottom line – the vaccines don’t work. And you have to bear in mind that not all tourists have been vaccinated — so it will be interesting to see how they react when they are informed that they will not be allowed into bars, restaurants, shops, etc. on their annual holiday without being able to produce a certificate. Greece relies on tourism and unless restrictions are lifted a lot more businesses are going to go bust this season.