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Novavax vaccines delivery to Greece delayed, says health official

A specific date for the delivery of Novavax vaccines to Greece is yet to be fixed, Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said at the live briefing on Monday evening.

Greece was expecting to receive the first batch of 168,000 Novavax doses on February 21, Τhemistoklous had said last week..

The coronavirus vaccines produced by Novavax, which Greece expects to receive soon, will be used for people’s basic inoculation with two doses, president of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou added on the issue.

Those produced by Sanofi, however, can be used as booster shots for people who have already completed their basic vaccination with any of the other vaccines available in Greece. The Sanofi vaccines are due for delivery in April.

US-manufactured Novavax uses older technology found in other, non-mRNA, vaccines by introducing synthesized coronavirus proteins to trigger the immune system.

On the country’s ongoing national vaccination program, Themistocleous said that over 7,500,000 citizens have completed their vaccination (at least two shots), which corresponds to 80.3% of the adult population and 71.3% of the general one.

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