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Mitsotakis tells Zenensky Greece supports tough sanctions against Russia, offers assistance

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke by telephone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday to express Greece’s full support.

Greece backs tough sanctions against Russia over Ukraine attack, including SWIFT ban, and is preparing to send medical aid that is scheduled to leave the country today, media report.

The Prime Minister said also that “our diplomatic missions in Odessa and Mariupol remain open also as a sign of solidarity to Ukraine.”

Government sources said that Mitsotakis expressed Greece’s support for stricter European Union sanctions on Russia, and said he was prepared to provide assistance to Ukraine in any sectors it requests.

The sources said Zelensky thanked Mitsotakis for Greece’s stance and his personal one on behalf of the Ukraine, and called for continued support within the EU framework.

The Ministry of Health is reportedly preparing shipment of medical supplies.

Earlier, Mitsotakis had an extensive collaboration with Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias. He also spoke with the Greek Ambassador in Ukraine.

PM speaks with EU Council head Michel

Mitsotakis also spoke by phone with European Council President Charles Michel on developments in Ukraine on Saturday.

Government sources said that they agreed to remain fully coordinated at EU level to provide any assistance necessary to Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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  1. If what I read on twitter is true, something good might be happening. The group “Anonymous” claims they are in fullscale cyberwar with russian forces and goverment. Sincerely hope it is true, that might help against this unlegal and unfair attack!

  2. mitsotakis is everybody’s friend, didn’t even bother to make a gesture like banning the export of olive oil to Russia ,just in case real oil stops coming the other way, just hold on to the coat-tails of the EU and smile alot whilst hoping he receives real action and support when the Turks come-o-knocking, good luck with that , it will be the same old faces stepping up to the plate. You know the ones the EU are currently punishing for wanting to be a free democratic sovereign state .

  3. And how is the owner of Skorpios these days?