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Greek gov’t books fine to 317,962 unvaccinated citizens over 60

The Greek government proceeded with the fine on unvaccinated citizens over 60 years old, despite the economic bottleneck due to the energy prices and the global instability due to the Russian war in Ukraine.

The fines for 317,962 people over 60 for the month of January have been booked, and each one will have to pay 50 euros as the measure was implemented from Jan 15 onward.

In the upcoming day, the fine for the month of February will be booked, secretary general for primary health care Marios Themistokleous said during the weekly briefing on vaccination rollout on Monday evening.

The fine is 100 euros per month a citizen of this age group remains unvaccinated.

PS the world as we know it coming down, the government cheers towards the end of the pandemic is spring and summer, restrictions are to be lifted by mid-March and then the fine. Are we serious?

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  1. Such a sad world we are living in.World leaders acting worse than children having a tantrum! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  2. Fines are paid when someone has done something illegal ( like parking). Since the vaccine is not manditory how can people be fined? Surely THAT IS illegal? This country is determined to break its citizens. Shame on them.

  3. The government can take a running jump. I will pay my normal taxes only. If it wants more it can take me to court.

  4. True the vaccine is not compulsory. However choosing not to have the vaccine has its consequences. One of which is to pay an additional tax towards covering health care because non-vaccinated are significantly more likely to need care that those vaccinated. It is not a fine……

  5. Me too, if everyone refuses to pay it will be difficult for them to take each person to court and a very unpopular move.

  6. If life is a thing that men could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die…