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Greece lifts mandatory use of masks outdoors, says Health Ministry

“Greece is lifting the mandatory use of masks outdoors” as of upcoming weekend the Health Ministry announced on Wednesday afternoon.

The statement said that the lifting of wearing masks outdoors was recommended by the epidemiologists’ committee that met earlier today.

“However, the use of a mask outdoors in crowded areas as well as by people at risk for serious disease and unvaccinated citizens remains a strong recommendation,” the statement underlined.

“The Commission’s proposal is accepted by the Government and the details will be clarified in the forthcoming joint ministerial decision. The new measures will be implemented from Saturday 5. March 2022,” the statement by health minister Thanos Plevris reportedly added.

Greece has seen an decrease of Covid-related deaths, intubations and hospitalizations in the last couple of weeks, although daily infections range between 10,000 and 15,000 in the average.

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  1. A modicum of common sense at last. Now lift the ridiculous rules around restaurants.

  2. they could hardly impose this ridiculous demand on tourists, and ive started to see a few rental cars tooling around, so tourists are starting to arrive.
    now, totally abolish these orwellian ‘certificates’ at the very least

  3. Incredible that the health minister doesn’t realise that masks (if anything) stop the infected spreading Corona, does virtually nothing the other way around, never has.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I read it. Plenty of scientists around the world have said this, how is it these guys are so badly out of step?

  4. Remove the need to wear masks in supermarkets and retail stores. Generally speaking shoppers are no closer to each other than they might be in other environments. When you think about it people are sat/stood closer to each other in restaurants, Cinemas, theatres and arenas/stadiums.

    It is time now for all Covid restrictions are lifted and the population should be encouraged to use common sense. That is:

    Get vaccinated
    If you have Covid like symptoms – self isolate and seek medical help if condition worsen.
    To wear masks at their own volition.