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Greece’s hoteliers offer rooms for Brits from 6 euros per night

Greek and Turkish hoteliers of low-end accommodation are dropping prices in anticipation of the start of the season to stimulate demand.

According to research by website, in at least 7 Greek popular destinations, British Tour Operator First Choice are recording prices from 6 to 10 euros per night in 2 and 3-star hotel units.

These are accommodations located in Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, Thassos, Zakynthos, Skiathos, and Kefalonia. The prices are for one night only for a specific date in May and other consecutive days can be selected with different pricing for a longer stay.

These rates, however, will not be maintained at the peak of the season. However, the low rates offered by low-category hotelier owners reflect their efforts to counter the prices that the Turks have put on the market, relying on the drop of the currency of the neighbouring country.

It is indicative of the fact that in this price zone there are 25 hotel accommodations in the above-mentioned areas of Greece and 11 hotels in Turkey, while no cases of Spanish hotels have been recorded, while 2 of the 11 hotels in Turkey are 4-star hotels.

The Spanish hoteliers are also seeing the formation of very low hotel rates in Turkey, as noted in a report by the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Madrid. In fact, it links this development with the Turkish effort to attract more European tourists as, despite the positive expectations, they remain cautious about the development of traffic from the Russian market. – via

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