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Zelensky to address Greek Parliament: How opposition parties react

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky will address the Greek parliament via video link two weeks later than originally scheduled. The new date has been set at 12 o’ clock noon on Thursday, April 7, Parliament Speaker confirmed on Monday.

Zelensky will address the Parliament via Webex and his speech will last 10 to 15 minutes, following the pattern of speeches made he made in the European Parliament and in a number of parliaments of other countries.

The speech will be translated into Greek and English.

At the extraordinary plenary session of the Greek Parliament, the Prime Minister and the leaders of the opposition parties will participate.

According to state broadcaster ERT, main opposition party SYRIZA and socialists KINAL/PASOK welcomed the invitation to the Ukrainian President.

Communist party KKE has reportedly criticized the event blaming next to Russia also the Ukrainian President for carrying part of the responsibility for the “plight of the Ukrainian people”

Yanis Varoufakis most probably will not be present but his party MeRA25 will.

Nationalist Greek Solution complained that the PM did not inform or consulted with party leaders in advanced and added that it would expect that Zelensky will give details on the “defense agreement he signed with Turkey.”

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis invited President Zelensky to speak to the Greek parliament via video link when they spoke on the phone on March 25.

The original plan was that Zelensky would address the Parliament this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday, however, the plans changed most likely due to the “peace talks” in Turkey..

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  1. This man should consider negotiating for all the Ukrainian people and use diplomacy, not attempting to drag the entire EU, including Greece, and NATO into WW3 against the world most important holder of nuclear weapons.

    • Especially when you consider that the president of the country that holds that other half the word’s nuclear weapons publicly called for regime change in Russia. Then the White House tried to spin that.
      Is Europe nothing else but a battlefield for these two powers? “F the EU”, after all.

    • Francesko, Russians are not interested in “negotiations”. Putin and Russia do not understand this word. Putin in his sick head wants to create a Greater Russia and without counting the costs he wants to achieve it by murdering left and right. And it certainly won’t stop in Ukraine.
      The only solution is force resistance. The Russians are murderers and must be detained.
      Besides, I do not know why such important information as the war in Ukraine, on this portal, is not here on the first page

  2. Mr Zelensky is trying to defend democracy, the freedom of speech and his citizens and country! How would you react when the russian army stands at your doorstep demanding to come through? Ukraine has NOT started this, its the enormous ego of the leader of the duma in kreml. To drop granades, bombs and shoot at innocent civilians is the work of beasts, not humans! Russia, withdraw from Ukraine, NOW!!!!