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Pharmacology professor Kouvelas on trial for spreading misinformation on Covid vaccines

Dimitris Kouvelas, professor of clinical pharmacology at the Aristotle University and a vocal critic of the vaccines against Covid-19 and the coronavirus containment measures, went on trial in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Tuesday for disseminating misinformation regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

Kouvelas was put under investigation and indicted last year after making claims online indicating that a prominent government official’s health problems were a result of his being vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

In these claims, Kouvelas had reportedly written on his social media account that the then head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias should take the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) to task for approving the coronavirus vaccine, which, he indicated, contributed to the heart attack he suffered in August 2021.


The academic, who has gained widespread popularity among anti-vaxxers for his outspoken and often vulgar criticism of Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates, was indicted under new legislation aimed at stemming the dissemination of “fake news.”

Several protesters gathered outside the Thessaloniki courthouse to express their support to Kouvelas.

Tuesday noon, the trial was postponed to December 2022 as important witnesses did not appear to court, local media GRTimes reported.

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  1. The trial was postponed for nine months…ok

  2. How can we consider this a free country if we are subject to being prosecuted for ‘fake news’ for something said on social media, while in this case it may seem justified or not, this law is ripe for abuse for those in power to silence any dissent.

    Am I alone in thinking this?

  3. Arrested? For “false” information?
    Isn’t it the accusers job to actually PROOVE that the experimental, unliscenced injections, didn’t cause the heart attack?
    Ah.. I forgot.. Phizer are investing €6 million on Theseloniki
    Can’t upset investors can they? 🤔