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Hungry customers turn angry over Covid-Pass (video)

Hungry customers turned angry and smashed tables in a famous restaurant in Thessaloniki when they were asked to show a Covid-Pass but they did not have any. The owner told them they cannot sit and eat if they do not show vaccination or recovery certificates or even a negative rapid test.

Two couples went to the restaurant which is famous for tripe soup, a delicacy many Greeks love to eat after a long drinking spree. They arrived at the restaurant short after 9:30 Sunday morning.

The staff asked them to show the relevant Covid-documents as required by the law. They even explained to them that if they did not show the documents, they can have the tripe to take away.

The customers who did not have neither a Covid-Pass or a Rapid test initially left the store. But a few minutes later, they returned, entered the facility and started smashing everything that came in their way including the marble decks of the restaurant tables.

Even the cook came out from the kitchen and tried to intervene, then the men went outside and kept on   downloading their anger.

Speaking to daily ethnos, the owner Dimitris Tsarouchas said that the two men openly threatened them, asking if the store was “under protection.”  They said further that they would smash the restaurant and “we would not find it standing the next day.”


Tsarouchas added that the sector has “suffered a lot in the two years as we are doing the auditor of the state.” He implied that they often receive threats, saying that “when the waiters leave, they do not know if they will reach their home.”

Local police has launched an investigation to trace the perpetrators, who belong to the Roma community, as ethnos noted.

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  1. Surely the perpetrators of the criminal damage to the restaurant in θεσσαλονικι will will charged and at least fined ? I’m at a loss to understand why people behave in this way. It is highly anti-social behaviour. No matter what your circumstances no-one has any right to damage the property belonging to others, and of course must pay the price for doing so. Are these people legal Greek residents ?
    I sometimes despair when I read of how some behave.

    • At least they didn’t shoot and kill the employees, as it happened in Germany a while ago about a mask dispute.
      But yes, I also cannot understand how the brains of these individuals are wired.
      Sad thing is, that normal people will address misbehaving people less and less, because they have to be afraid to be beaten down or even shot if they say something.

  2. Sounds like these guys have found a new area to offer their services. “That’s a nice restaurant you have there, shame if something would happen to it”. I think most agree that coercion and intimidation has no place in a civilized society. (as these guys were trying to enforce….)

  3. The guy looks drunk. He is even shoving his woman around. I know this place. Sunday morning is the key time to go, as the tripe soup is believed to heal or prevent hangovers. If it was Sunday morning, they were probably drunk from a long Saturday night out.