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Mask indoors mandatory in May, measure may not be lifted, says Health Minister

The use of mask indoors will remain mandatory for at least the whole month of May and the epidemiological situation in Greece will decide whether the measure will be lifted afterwards, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Thursday morning.

“We do not know (when the mask will be removed). The mask may not be removed indoors, because the mask is a gentle measure,” Plevris told Skai TV.

“What we are saying is that at least for the month of May there will be a mask and from there and beyond, based on the health image of the country, it will be decided what will happen from June”, he stressed.


Plevris in SKAI: With a mask and in May indoors – The measure may not be lifted


He added that the governmental plan to relax the Covid-protection measures from May 1st to August 31st will be determined by specific protocols following the recommendation of the Epidemiologists’ Committee that is holding a meeting today.

The Greek government is keen to have lifted all measures against Covid-19 for the tourism season, however, the epidemiological situation in the country has not stabilized in significant decrease of daily infections yet.

Health experts have stressed that the impact of the Easter holidays (April 22-25) is expected to be seen two weeks later, around mid-May.

So far, there seems to be no change in the plan to have the measure of Covid-Pass be lifted as of May 1. According to previous official announcements, citizens will not have to show vaccination or recovery certificate or negative Rapid Test to have access to indoor spaces like restaurants and entertainment venues and shops.

PS in real Greek life, many shops no longer ask for the certificates since the start of the Holy Week (April 18), but control checks are strict still for patients’ visitors in public hospitals, patients seeking private clinics, care homes and other facilities for vulnerable people.

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  1. “PS in real Greek life, many shops no longer ask for the certificates since the start of the Holy Week…”

    I’ve found it highly variable for some time now. One taverna I visit checks your temperature at the door, checks the vaccination certificate including scanning the QR card to make sure it is valid and checks the identity document including cross checking the details with the vaccination certificate. They carry out these checks every time. Another taverna carries out no checks at all. I’ve experienced everything between these extremes both in tavernas and shops.

  2. If the situation is not improving, government should start a lockdown. It works much better than masks! Two or three months if lockdown would finish corona virus once for all!!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      previous lockdowns did not finish the coronavirus.

      • I guess Marias Comment was ironic… 😉 PS: it is a never ending story in Greece. Even If all other countrys in Europe lift all their restrictions, Greece keep everything… Amen! Greek people have to wake up…

    • As has been said before, lockdowns don’t work, plus….

      ….they disproportionately people on low incomes, manual workers and people living paycheck to paycheck.

      It’s fine if you’re a retiree, or part of the laptop class who can happily work remotely.

      Not so great if you’re a hotel cleaner or waiter who’s forced out of work for months with little or no reimbursement from the gov.

      • I’m one of the “laptop class” but still extremely strongly against any lockdowns. There’s plenty of reasons to be against it but lockdown maxis will never listen so repeating it is a lost cause probably