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Acute hepatitis detected in two more children in Greece

Two more cases of acute hepatitis in children have been detected in Greece, the National Public Health Organization EODY announced on Wednesday. Affected are two children aged 2 and 5 years old.

According to EODY, two new cases which meet the criteria of possible acute hepatitis have been recorded in Greece last week.

The first case, a five-year-old child was hospitalized, his condition improved and was discharged in excellent condition.

The second case concerns a two-year-old who was treated in hospital and was thoroughly examined to determine the cause for the increase in liver enzymes. The checks were negative throughout its treatment and the child remained in excellent health.

EODY added in its statement said that there was continued vigilance in order to promptly detect cases of acute and unexplained hepatitis in children, without any sign of widespread incidence in Greece.

The number of acute hepatitis case worldwide is 614, 176 of them in UK and 125 in 14 EU member-states, EODY said.

Beginning of the month, acute hepatitis was detected in three children in Greece.

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