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Half-naked man with rifle arrested in front of Greek Parliament

Police in Greece have arrested a 37-year-old man carrying a hunting rifle in front of the Parliament building and the Monument of Unknown Soldier in Athens early morning Tuesday.

The half-naked man approached around short before 3 o’ clock in the morning, he was holding a rifle and a board reading “King Minos coup d’ etat.”

He sat on a mat in front of the guards of the Unknown Soldiers Monument.

After a standoff with members of a police unit that lasted little over an hour, the man was arrested. Nobody was hurt or injured, AP reported.

He was telling police officers that he was “God’s angel” and he was lighting candles, while he was threatening to start shooting at anyone aroundmedia reported.

The guards were removed for security reasons.

An officer from the greater Athens police department told the Associated Press said police negotiators were involved in the incident and that traffic around the parliament building had been re-directed shortly before the man was apprehended.

The suspect, who was detained for questioning, was not named in accordance with Greek law and was identified only as a 37-year-old Greek man.

Before moving to the Parliament, he had reportedly made a long post on instagram in which he was announcing he would stage a coup d’ etat and brutally get rid of all members of the system.

He sufffers from mental health issues, media report on Tuesday afternoon.

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