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Greece lifts mandatory masks indoors on June 1; exceptions (POLL)

After almost two years, masks will no longer be mandatory indoors in Greece from Wednesday, 1. June 2022. Exceptions for health facilities and public transport means.

According to the government, the lifting of the mask measure refers to the fine of 300 euros and its suspension will be valid until September 15 when the measure will be reconsidered depending on the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Exceptions: Where Mask remains Mandatory

• Healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics, and nursing homes,as well as in other health structures where it is currently considered as necessary.

• Urban public transport means such as metro, tram, urban train ISAP, buses and trolleybuses, that is in means where seats are not numbered and where there can be crowded.

Taxi drivers told KTG, the mask will remain mandatory in cabs.

Transport with Numbered Seats

On intercity public transport means, where the seats of the passengers are numbered, the use of a mask will not be required.

The same applies to airplanes and this is due a) because of the European Union recommendation in effect since May 16 and b) because of the special air filters in planes.

Masks in Schools

Pupils and students will be able to attend classes without a mask. However, they will wear a mask during exams.

Ships and Ferries

The recommendation of experts regarding what will apply on ships and ferries regarding the use of masks is still pending. It remains mandatory at the moment.

The Epidemiologists’ Committee will discuss the issue tomorrow, Wednesday.

There are reportedly thoughts to scrap the mask in areas with numbered seats but keep it on where there are not any.

“Up to individuals to decide”

Deputy Minister Mina Gaga said on Tuesday that it will be up to each individual to decide whether he will still wear a mask indoors.

She stressed, however, that not vaccinated workers will keep on have a Covid-19 test once a week.

“We are in a totally different situation and we are the last country in Europe that lifts the measures,” she said in an interview with ANT1 TV and answering a question whether it is too early to lift the measures and if the measure will be re-introduced.

“Only the epidemiological data will show the impact [of lifting the mask measure], I don’t think we have the same data with last year and the year before,” she said.

Greece has seen a decrease of daily infections, Covid-related deaths and intubations in the last few weeks, even though daily deaths remain in double-digits, but below 20 per day in the average.

Ever since the Greek government announced the mask lifting from June 1, many people stopped wearing a mask indoors, while there are also those who still wear a mask outdoors even if that measure was lifted since beginning of May.

POLL: What will you do? Will you keep wearing a mask?

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  1. Don’t worry, mask mandates will be back in October and with added food shortages.

  2. I answered “Yes – Indoors only” but in reality I would also wear it outdoors IF there was crowding. That combination was not one of the options.

    Aerosols can build up indoors so people can contract COVID from non-mask wearing infected individuals even if it is not crowded. Outdoors the aerosols tend to disperse so wearing of a mask is only necessary if it is crowded.

    It’s common sense really, although that seems sadly lacking in many people. While COVID is causing less of a problem to the health service overall, it has not gone away so, as an individual, you are still at risk. It is not much consolation that only 12 people per day are dying if you happen to be one of that 12.