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Platform for “social tourism program” opens June 15; beneficiaries categories

The platform for submitting applications for the “social tourism program,” which concerns 300,000 beneficiaries, opens on Wednesday, June 15, at 13:00 and will “run” for the period from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023.

Its budget is 35 million euros, an amount increased by 5 million euros compared to the program for the period 2021-2022.

Applications can be submitted until June 23, at 14:00, through the link at here :

A beneficiary (see below categories) will need the Taxisnet codes or the DYPA (former OAED) codes to access the platform, fill up and submit application.

According to a statement by the  Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, this year’s program is characterized by reduced to zero private participation for beneficiaries in the cost of overnight stays in tourist accommodation and increased subsidy prices to providers.

This year’s increased subsidy prices apply to all categories of accommodation (5-12% in hotels and 3-8% in rented rooms), in order to cover the increased costs and to ensure a large participation.

In addition, for the peak month of August, a subsidy increase of 20% is foreseen, as last year, in order to have a greater participation of tourism companies in this period. The increase will be valid all year round for the accommodation of North Evia and Samos.

Beneficiaries  can spend up to six nights in a tourist accommodation of their choice from the “Register of Providers” of DYPA, after direct consultation with the provider.

For accommodations in Leros, Lesvos, Chios, Kos and in the prefecture of Evros, up to 10 nights can be spent with zero private participation, while in the accommodations of the Municipalities of Istiaia-Edipsos and Mantoudiou-Limni-Ag. Annas of North Evia and Samos can be up to 12 nights completely free of charge.

In addition to accommodation in tourist facilities, ferry tickets are also subsidized.

The participation of the general category of beneficiaries amounts to 25%, of those with many children to 20%. For the disabled, ferry tickets are available free of charge.

It is reminded that the beneficiaries of last year’s program who have not yet activated their voucher checks can take a vacation, until July 31, 2022.

From 2022, those beneficiaries who receive a check and do not activate it, will not have the right to participate in the next two programs, so as not to deprive other beneficiaries of participation in the program. Exception are people with certified disability (AMEA)

Who are the beneficiaries for social tourism:

employees and unemployed who in 2021 completed 50 days of work (e-EFKA registration),

special maternity protection benefit, or

unemployment subsidy or long – term unemployment, or

– combination of the above.

Beneficiaries are also those registered in the Special Register of Unemployed Persons with Disabilities of DYPA at the closing date for submission of applications.

In addition, to be a beneficiary, one must not have received a social tourism check last year (program 2021-2022) and not receive a related benefit from another body this year (eg “Tourism for All” of the Ministry of Tourism).

Only beneficiaries with disabilities or beneficiaries who have declared a beneficiary or non-disabled member in their application can receive a social tourism check in ongoing programs.

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