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Greek PM: Sanctions against Russia must be adhered to by all NATO members

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has made it clear that NATO’s mission to protect territorial integrity, human rights and international law is not merely empty rhetoric, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday.

Addressing the NATO Summit in Madrid on Wednesday, he noted also that the sanctions decided against Russia on must be implemented by all NATO member states [– obviously hinting to Turkey. ]

Mitsotakis reportedly focused on the issues included in the Summit’s agenda and highlighted the importance of the Alliance’s unity, speed and determination in opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He reiterated that Greece stood on Ukraine’s side and welcomed the invitation to Finland and Sweden to join the alliance, expressing satisfaction that the difficulties have been overcome.

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  1. Bearing in mind the constant hostile rhetoric aimed at Greece from Turkey I would be more concerned about what has been promised to Turkey militarily. F16s etc, who knows…

  2. Whats about the Greek boats who export the russian over the world??

  3. Sanctions? Hilarious!!! So which EU countries are still buying Russian energy?????? 不不不不不不不