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Greece’s Armed Forces to acquire Harpoon anti-ship missiles

Greece’ Parliamentary Armament Committee has given the green light for the acquisition of 50 “Harpoon” anti-ships, surface-to-air missiles. The regular Harpoon uses active radar homing and flies just above the water to evade defenses

Until recently, the US had refused to release these missiles to Greece. The constant request of Greece to the USA is, meanwhile, satisfied and the “Harpoon” missiles, surface-to-air, against ships, are to be added to the Greek arsenal, state broadcaster ERT reported on Tuesday.

This means that the Greek Air Force will not only have the Rafale fighter jets with the French Exocet missiles as a deterrent force against surface ships.

The approval of the Harpoon missiles is only one of the 12 armament programs submitted by the Defense Ministry and approved by the Greek Parliamentary Committee.

The programs include the upgrade of the F16 Block 50 to 52, the maintenance of three C130s, and others.

7 of the 12 programs concern the General Staff of the Hellenic Air Force and in addition to the upgrade of the F-16s, they provide also for the acquisition of the Harpoon missiles.

For the General Staff of the Navy, 3 programs are activated for the supply of battle batteries, spare parts for rapid patrol guided missiles, etc.

After the upgrade of the 83 F-16s to Viper, another 38 F-16 Block 50 will be upgraded Advanced level.

This means that the most powerful weapon of Greece, the Air Force, will have a total of 121 F-16s which will be fully interoperable with each other, will carry advanced weapons and will be able to exchange critical information with both the new Rafale and with 5th generation aircraft, F-35, ERT reported.

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  1. more money for a handful of military-industrial megacorporations, more debt for the people.
    smells like profit!

  2. That’s just what an agrarian, semi-third-world country, stuck in a previous century, with pot-holed roads, inflation, lack of a decent education system, and an unskilled population needs…another nail in the economic coffin.
    Don’t ’spose they’ll use ‘em on them there migrant boats. Pity.