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Greece Ferries increase ticket prices for 3rd time in 2022 for specific routes

For third time in 2022, Greece’s ferry companies increased the ticket prices at a range of 4% to 8% on average on July 1. The hikes are only certain ferry itineraries and mainly from the port of Piraeus.

From the port of Rafina, the prices of individual tickets with conventional ferries to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos remain the same, as for many routes from Lavrio.

Many shipping companies are reportedly on stand by to see the fuel prices in the next period before they make their final decisions.

With the latest increase on July 1, ticket price for

  •  Piraeus – Naxos with a conventional ferry rose 48 euros is 51.50 euros, increased by 7.29%
  •  Piraeus – Paros rose 46 .50 euros to 50 euros, an increase of 7.53%.
  • Piraeus -Mykonos from 48.50 euros to 52.50 euros, an increase of 8.25%
  • Piraeus – Ikaria from 54.50 euros to 58.50 euros, an increase of 7.34%
  • Piraeus – Syros line from 42.50 to 45.50 euros, an increase of 7.06%
  • Piraeus – Rhodes from 86.50 to 91 euros with an increase of 5, 20%

From the port of Rafina the price of the individual ticket with the conventional ferry remains unchanged at 25 euros. Rafina-Tinos unchanged at 35 euros, Rafina- Mykonos with the conventional ship at 38 euros.

It should be recalled that this increase is the third one in 2022.

The first took place in April 2022 with the price increases of ferry tickets to be up 10% -12%, while in the second on June 15 hikes ranged 5%-10%.

From last year to this year ferry tickets have increased by around 25% to 34%.

Indicative for Piraeus-Rhodes the total price for a family of 4, that  is 2 adults+2 kids up to 10 years old, plus 1 car is €422 one way and for deck/lounge sitting. For a 14.5-hour-long trip.

It is advisable that sea travelers first check with travel agencies for possible discounts and special offers.

It is noted that the increase in the price of marine fuel has shot up the operating costs of a coastal shipping vessel to 70% of its operating costs from 40% a year ago. The oil tonnage of VLSFO fuel, which is a low-sulphur fuel used in vessels that have not installed scrubbers, continues its upward trend. 11 days ago its price on the international market was at $1,264 per ton, while yesterday July 1st it touched $1,289.25 per ton, marking an increase of 1.98%.

Note that ferry companies increased prices by 6% in January 2020, due to IMO sulphur regulation.

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