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Flying piano over Tempi to promote the natural heritage (video)

A unique event with a piano player floating in the air over the Tempi Valley to promote the natural heritage in the area of Central Greece.

Sunday afternoon, hikers and other visitors stunned, when a woman appeared in the air with her piano that was floating in the air with the help of big balloons, creating an unreal scenery.

The pianist of the Acropolis museum Elena Xydia floating over the natural heritage of Tempi valley.

Video: Flying piano

This unique for the Greek realities event and promotion video was an idea of  director Paschalis Mantis and the pianist of the Acropolis museum Elena Xydia who followed an call by the mayor of Tempi Municipality, Giorgos Manolis, in order to create a special video promoting the natural heritage of the area.

A volunteer team worked for some time planning the venture, which is unique as no one has attempted it before in a natural landscape, at such a great height.



With impeccable technical planning by Vassilis Badavis, all safety measures were foreseen, in this venture which was completely safe both in the preparation phase and in the final implementation phase.

It should be noted that the help offered by the Larissa Fire Brigade, the Police and the Larissa Chamber of Commerce was very important and essential, the organizers said.

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