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No hazardous substance detected in Antonov crash site; 8 bodies located

“No hazardous substance dangerous for the public, no radioactive, neither chemical nor biological elements were detected at the crash site of the Antonov,” the mayor of Paggaios municipality announced on Sunday. Seven bodies have been located at the site, the last one of the 8-member crew was found on Sunday evening.

No toxic or dangerous substances for the health of citizens were detected during the investigation conducted by the special army team that arrived in Kavala after drones spotted a mysterious white powder shattered over the fields.

The Antonov cargo plane was transporting 11.5 tons of ammunition from Serbia to Bangladesh.

Paggios mayor, Philippos Anastasiadis, state to media that the special army team conducted investigation on the ground and in the air and found no hazardous substances and there is no concern for the public health.

At the 6 o’ clock briefing, the spokesman of the Fire Service   Artopios, announced that one body has been recovered and one more located, so far.

The special teams of the Fire Brigades the EMAK have entered the site after the green light by the Army teams.

By early Sunday evening, drones of the Army and the Fire Service have identified seven bodies and one more has to be found as a total of 8 Ukrainian crew members were onboard of the Antonov. Three bodies have been recovered, so far.

Mayor Anastasiadis said that some of the located bodies were “dismembered.”

The bodies will be transferred to Komotini for forensic examination.

Next step is the collection of unknown number of mortars found shattered in and around the site that have not been exploded during the crash.

Greek authorities are assigned to investigate the reasons of the crash.

The two black boxes will certainly give clues. Αccording to some last minute information, one of the black boxes has been located.

The plane left Nis, Serbia, on Saturday evening with final destination Bangladesh and refueling stations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and India.

It was an Ukrainian-registered plane of an American or Canadian company owned by an Ukrainian businessman.

PS Of course, Greeks were told that the “suspicious white powder” was NOT dangerous, but they were not told what the white powder IS.

More details, pictures and video from the Antonov Crash here on KTG

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  1. I’m also curious what the white powder is! Maybe there is some residue someone can take and bring to a chemist to analyze.

  2. snort it?

  3. must be. why would they want them for themselves while fighting russia??