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Wild boars go swimming causing panic among humans in Evia

A herd of wild boars took advantage of a lovely beach in Halkida and jumped into the water for a short coll off amid temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius. They problem was, however, that the animals dived into the water next to the regular, the human bathers.

As local media reported, there was panic among the humans who called the Coast Guard and the Fire Service to remove the four-legged “intruders”.

The men in uniform did their bast to have the wild animals away but without success.

The four-legged creatures apparently prevailed over the two-legged ones, they enjoyed their bath and escaped the firefighters and the coast guarders swimming away.

Local in several regions of Greece as well as media have been complaining about the increased population of wild boars, claiming that this tends to become a problem in the country.

Media recall that two people lost their lives and four were injured in Kilkis, North-East Greece, after a collision with a herd of wild boars.

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  1. If they live in the forests and the forests burn away, wildlife will come closer to civilized society. Also, when a forest dies, the surviving animals have to fight over territory. In the US, there have been cases of wild lions entering shopping center parking lots. It’s the new reality, and it gets worse every year.

  2. Perhaps the problem is not a case of over population of wild boars in the country but of humans invading their habitat. They have as much the right to live as we do.

  3. The over population of boars is caused by humans hunting their natural predators (wolves, lynxes and bears) to extinction.

  4. By now, it’s a miracle some wildlife still exists in this country.