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License for the construction of 200-meter-high skyscraper in Athens Riviera issued

Τhe first license for the construction of a skyscraper in Greece was issued late on Tuesday, Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Wednesday.

Speaking to Skai TV, Minister Georgiadis said that the construction of the 198.85 meter high tower in Elliniko is expected to begin in a few weeks.

According to the Lamda Development that is assigned with the development of  the Hellinikon Project, the skyscraper Riviera Tower needed over 1,900 submissions of plans approved by dozens of public institutions and ministries in order to receive the permission for its construction.

The procedure for obtaining a permit for the Hellinikon Tower was characterized as particularly complicated.

The Riviera Tower marks the start of construction work of the Helliniko Project that includes a casino, smaller towers, a big park and a marina on the coastal front of the Greek capital.

Ελληνικό-Marina Tower: Ο ουρανοξύστης των 45 ορόφων με τα 200 διαμερίσματα, όλα με θέα θάλασσα [εικόνες, βίντεο] -

The project that will definitely change completely the skyline of the Athens Riviera, as the skyscraper with its 45 floors will be even higher than the 157-meter-high Acropolis of Athens.

The project that is praised as “the largest urban regeneration in Europe” fills with tears the eyes of older generations of Athenians who are horrified to see a 198-meter-tall stick  spring up from the wonderfully flat landscape and from the middle of a allegedly huge park.

PS At least this skyscraper looks better than the one proposed by Mohegan, the first project partner of Lamda Development.

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  1. so, as anyone who has built anything in greece knows, there is no way anything this tall can possibly be legal according to the building codes, plain and simple.
    but as we can see yet again, just like wind turbines and hotels in protected forest areas… enough money in the right hands and magically the law only applies to ordinary people.

  2. Just wonder: how will such a tall building endure an earthquake??? Greece has a lot of quakes yearly…..

    • Just call some engineers from Japan or San Francisco for extra expertise and there will be no problems. But I do think Greek engineers will have it under control.

  3. “200 meters” will they be gas, water or electricity meters? There was me thinking that length, or height, in Greece was measured in the SI system, one of which’s units is the METRE.

    • it’s always advisable to carry out some (easy) research prior to posting inaccuracies: “meter” is american, “metre” british english spelling.
      they both derive -surprise!- from the greek μέτρον, which -surprise surprise!- means “measure”.

  4. Yep typical Greek project politicians order for fires to burn the protected land and ppls fields with olives then buy the land for fraction of the cost, sell it to giant corporations for millions and we get 200m tall buildings… If you get offen fires and accidents in that budding worries not its the old land owners that got robed

  5. God forbids Greece landscape being more than olive trees, two storeys buildings with classic columns pastiche and five storeys boxes of apartments. The Horror.

  6. I’m sorry, but apart from the ruins and little cute villages, Greece has the dullest urban landscape in Europe. It’s depressing. Athens seems like a giant rural grey village. Istambul is a much more modern and vibrant city, and modernity, there, is not incompatible with their historical neighborouds and monuments.

    • Pallas Kassandra

      You make a good point, but this “stick” in the middle of a flat area is ridiculous!

      I think we can do better than that!