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Injured donkey located in abuser’s farm; outcry after he set free until trial

The young donkey, a victim of brutal abuse, has been located by a local animal welfare society and will be transferred to Attica for treatment. The animal was tied to a pick-up truck of the deputy mayor of the area and was dragged over 700 meters through the village of Grammenos, by Zitsa in Epirus, living behind a thick line of blood. The abuser claimed the donkey was attacked by a wild animal and he had loaded it on his truck to bring it to his farm and the vet. At some point the truck door opened and the donkey fell, however, he was not aware of it, he claimed.

This is how people bring their animals to vet? New document shows the poor donkey with all four legs tied up being dragged by the truck through the village. . See more details and video on KTG post here.

.After his testimony to authorities following his arrest, the abuser has been set free pending his trial, despite the fact that he is charged with felony. The man who is also deputy mayor of Zitsa, has been dismantled from his official position until the verdict and thus by order of Interior Minister Makis Voridis.

“The animal has serious wounds all over its body and a broke leg,” President of Animal Welfare Association Ki.Di.Zo of Ioannina, Evangelia Krystalli, said in a post on social media on Tuesday. She announced that the donkey is expected to be transferred to a shelter in Megara, West Attica, in the coming days.


“It broke our hearts to see a helpless animal lying in the straw. The donkey lives with serious injuries all over its body. He has extensive and deep wounds on his chest caused by the dragging on the asphalt, as well as all over his torso and limbs, and a leg has a bad fracture. For all these injuries, he receives double antibiotics and painkillers. We are in communication with the doctors to do the best for the unfortunate animal”, Krystalli said, among others.

KI.DI.ZO. managed to locate the donkey on Monday and found that the injured animal was laying in the deputy mayor’s farm without treatment for its wounds. The brutal abuse took place on Saturday.

Initially there were doubts that the injured donkey in the man’s farm was the same as the one being dragged.

In her post, Krystalli added “it has been confirmed by an equine doctor that the wounds animal in the farm has are the same as those of the animal that was dragged. Secondly the entrails found in the farm and eaten by dogs had nothing to do with this donkey or any other equine. This has been confirmed by a veterinarian and a horse doctor. A request has been submitted for removal and hopefully the donkey will be transferred as soon as possible to Megara Attica where he will receive all the care he deserves. Finally we contacted a medical examiner and they informed us how to take a DNA sample from the blood on the asphalt and from the donkey to be 1000% sure.”


The abuse of the donkey and the setting free of the deputy mayor keeps on triggering a storm of outcry on social media as well as on mainstream and websites.

Some expressed outrage that the donkey is still in the man’s farm.

Many people do not really believe that he will be punished as they think he deserves. Until the trial, the man is not allowed to leave the country and he has to report twice a month at the local police station.

Many do not believe either that the donkey was “attacked probably by a wolf” as the defendant’s lawyer told media and that he was taking the animal to his farm for treatment.

Angry are also the residents of Grammenos village and nearby settlements who have complained in the recent past, that the deputy mayor who is also a breeder, does not take care of his animals.

They speak of bad living conditions of the farm animals.

“He has donkeys, cows, sheep, dogs running around uncontrollably and there are animal filth and even bones everywhere” the head of a nearby village complained in past July. In the written complained exclusively obtained by OPEN TV, the village head denounced also that “sick animals are abandoned in land plots” in the settlement causing problems in the whole area of Grammenochoria.

Video OPEN TV after 3′.

A member of the Zitsa Municipality Council told OPEN that they are all in shock.

A veterinarian of the Regional government who examined the donkey has reportedly said that the animal has to euthanized due to the open bone fracture on the leg.

However, animal welfare societies will try everything to give the poor creature a second chance.

Some people have already offered to adopt the young donkey when it has recovered from the horrible abuse.

According to latest information by ERT, a private veterinarian assigned by KIDIZO is is expected to examine the donkey today. Examination delayed due to bad weather.

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  1. Cruelty is cruelty, whether it’s against humans or animals.

  2. This is criminal. Animal abuse should not be tolerated, and examples should be made of people who abuse animals.

  3. Maximum punishment for this extreme cruelty. Jail.