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“Food-Pass” under consideration by Greece’s conservative government

With food prices constantly on the rise, while salaries and pensions remain at the same levels, the conservative Greek government is considering to issue a so-called Food-Pass, more or less in the same standards as the Fuel-Pass.

The Food-Pass, a voucher, is thought as a financial support for purchases at the supermarket, media reported in the last few days.

Note, however, that many people, especially low-incomers make their food purchases at the open markets (laiki) and if the Food-Pass is only for supermarkets, the whole sector of producers and sellers will be at very high risk to be destroyed.

According to preliminary information, the Food Pass will reportedly be for the purchase of food and equivalent to the one given for the fuel subsidy.

It will be given with strict income criteria and eligible will reportedly be the most vulnerable groups such as low-pensioners, low-wage earners, vulnerable social groups and young people, as the high cost of living burdens more these these categories due to the jump in prices of basic products included in the household basket and electricity bills.

Beneficiaries will submit an application on an electronic platform, once the implementation of the measure proceeds.

The Food-Pass is said to be under consideration by the government staff. If the measure will be approved, it will be announced by the prime minister at Thessaloniki International Fair on September 10-11.

it should be noted that new price hikes are expected  in basic products in September, as commercial businesses and industries have already announced significant price increases on supermarket shelves such as:

canned foods +15%,
cosmetics +25%,
dairy +12%,
margarine +20%,
charcuterie +10%,
confectionery, cookies +20%,
ice creams +5%,
detergents +15%,
personal care products +18%.

PS The constant price hikes in every field of living cannot be solved with vouchers and Passes and a bag of peanuts on long term. More substantial measures should be implemented. Value Added Tax decrease would be a very good example…

In times of aid vouchers Soviet style, millions of Greeks are seeking their lost dignity.

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  1. Yes, another online platform, wonder what will be next, a pass to flush the toilet?