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Greece opens platform for upgraded vaccines against Covid-19

The platform for vaccination against Covid-19 with upgraded vaccines has already opened and citizens can get their vaccinations already from Wednesday, September 14, 2022, the president of Greece’s National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou announced on Monday.

The platform for appointments opened on Monday, September 12, the first vaccinations with the updated vaccines will be possible as of September 14.

The appointment platform for vaccination with the updated vaccines has opened for all citizens over 60 years of age.

Vaccination will be administered as one booster shot (Booster shot III) only.

The upgraded vaccines should be administered three months after the booster shot with the basic vaccines or after confirmed illness.

If someone has been administered the 4th dose and got sick afterwards there will be no need to get the 5th shoot.

The Vaccinnation Committee will take the final decision regarding the group eligible for the 5th shot tomorrow, Tuesday, however, Theodoridou said these group will concern:

  • all people over the age of 60.
  • people aged 12-15 who belong to high-risk groups
  • health professionals
  • carers of individuals

These vaccines are based on the mRNA version and based on clinical studies, they cause an increase in antibodies and fight the sub-variants of Omicron O1, O2, O2,7 and O5.

It should be noted that they have been approved for ages 12 years and above and are intended only for a booster dose regardless of the type of vaccine given in the primary vaccination.

Those who have not been vaccinated so far, they will need to be administered the basic vaccines first, then the updated will follow.

The platform to book appointment for upgraded vaccines is here, at emvolio.gov.gr

At the same briefing on Monday, Secretary General of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous said that the platform will be open to all beneficiaries of the booster shot.

From now on the basic regimen will be done with the previous vaccines and the booster doses with the updated vaccines.

In the platform system, the type of vaccines will be labeled Pfizer and the updated Pfizer BA.1.

Those citizens who have scheduled appointments for a booster dose with the original type vaccines, can reschedule their appointments in order to receive the updated ones.

It should be noted, that Greece has already received the new, updated vaccines estimated to be over 500,000.




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  1. How long will this really disgusting charade carry on?

    • For decades older people and those with compromised immune systems have been offered a flu vaccine every year. No big fuss. No protests. No charade. You either accept it or not according to your wishes. For many years I did not accept it simply because I assessed my risk level from flu as low. Now I am older I recognise my risk level is higher so now I accept it. I never had any concerns about taking it. Why should COVID be any different?

      Many vaccines are offered with repeat doses with a wide range of repetition period varying from one year to whenever there is an increased risk depending on how the immune system responds to the vaccine. The measles vaccine gives pretty much lifelong protection. The Tetanus vaccine is recommended about every 10 years because, on average, a dose gives good protection for that period. Flu and COVID vaccines give good protection for a few months so an annual dose, given at the start of the peak disease season, to those most at risk is the optimum regime on a cost benefit basis.

      It’s not difficult to understand?

  2. This is the new booster which was approved based on a study of 8 mice that all ended up with covid anyways ? Thanks I ‘ll pass !

  3. “These vaccines are based on the mRNA version and based on clinical studies, they cause an increase in antibodies and fight the sub-variants of Omicron O1, O2, O2,7 and O5.”

    Pfizer’s bivalent booster was tested on a total of eight mice, and they only checked antibody levels, even though antibodies cannot tell you whether the shot actually protects against infection and symptomatic and/or serious illness. Moderna also used mice to ascertain antibody responses, but has not disclosed the number of mice used.

  4. When i was younger (primary school age) prior to having a BCG vaccination I had a test to see whether i have had TB or not earlier, it came back positive, i had five small white dots appear on the skin test site, hence i did not need and did not have the BCG vaccination.
    I agree with the above commentator that an individual should be able to carry out a risk assessment on whether they believe having a vaccination (flu or covid) is in their best interests. Unfortunately over the last couple of years this choice has been taken away from them, due to the mandatory policies put in place ie) I still believe 7,000 front-line health workers are still suspended without pay?, which has raised much angst. Not forgetting that over 60s in Greece are (or have been fined 100e pcm)
    As far as the booster tests are concerned i have heard the same as a couple of posters above, that the trial was with 8 mice. I will happily stand corrected on this as maybe I am visiting the “wrong” websites. I mean that sincerely.

    • anti-vaxx movements in recent years (not only for Covid), have caused the return of Polio. so, yes, personal risk assessment provided they live isolated.

      • Yes, if the vaccination gives immunisation, then policy reviews needs to be looked at. I cannot reply to your concerns over Polio as i know zilch about that. My last point stands about the number of mice, I would rather at times be uninformed than misinformed so if someone could clarify whether the 8 mice is misinformation or correct i would be much obliged.

        • I tried to explain the story about the mice, but unfortunately, KTG didn’t allow my message to be published, while I have no idea why.

          • KTG will hardly turn the site into a “Snow White & The Eight Mice” forum.
            Nothing to see here. Keep walking.

  5. Is this latest booster compulsory