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3rd booster shot on low-flight as citizens wait for more upgraded vaccines

The new, upgraded vaccines against Covid-19 and the Omicron variant BA2, the 3rd booster shot, are on low flights in Greece, as the majority of citizens apparently is waiting for the next series that will cover also the Omicron 5 and are expected to arrive next month..

According to data by the National Health Care Organization EOPY, the citizens’ interest remain low in the first days the platform to book appointments for the upgraded vaccines opened on September 12 and vaccination started two days later.

And this despite the fact that the National Vaccination Committee has urged those over 60 and especially those groups of high risk and the chronic ill to have administered the 3rd booster shot.

Less than 12,000 citizens followed the Committee advise and rushed to get the 3rd booster shot. So far, the booster doses of vaccines administered do not exceed 12,000.

Scientists have recently emphasized that the vulnerable groups of the elderly and patients with serious chronic diseases should be vaccinated immediately, however, many are waiting for the new – even more updated – vaccines that also offer protection against the latest Omicron variants BA4 and BA5.

The first delivery of these vaccines is expected in the last week of September, the general secretary of Primary Health Care  Marios Themistokleous, reportedly emphasized in the last update on vaccinations, and then their distribution will begin as soon as possible.

He stressed, however, that one must weigh whether to vaccinate with the first updated vaccines or wait for the newest ones.

Vaccinations with 3rd booster shot Sept 14-18: Total 12,000

It is worth noting that a few citizens received vaccination against Covis-19 for the very first time in Sept 14-16: A total of 354 people.

Platform to book vaccination appointments at

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  1. I wonder if they have considered that the low numbers might also be due to the fact that the web site does not let you book a third booster dose if it is less than 6 months since you had the second booster? Their announcement said 3 months minimum. Since I and many of my friends got our second booster as soon as we could and we can’t book our third, there must be an awful lot of people in the same position.

    • I wonder, have you considered the low numbers are more to do with the very very many personal adverse results from the vax?

      Please hang in there until you are allowed to take your next shot.

      • No I hadn’t considered that at all. I am a scientist so I follow evidence. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that the incidence of serious adverse reactions is very, very low compared to the injury caused by the disease and deaths associated with vaccination are much lower still. Minor adverse reactions are pretty common and I have experienced them myself but why would anybody care about them? Stop reading conspiracy theories and look at real world data.

        • So where is the excess mortality in the whole of Europe coming from according to you? And where do you find that so-called evidence?

        • The real world data (in the UK anyway) very clearly shows there have been 24,005 excess deaths in England & Wales since April, l and mortality rates per 100,000 are highest among the vaccinated in all age groups suggesting the Covid-19 vaccine may be to blame.

          You (and many others) may have missed this disturbing information because publication coincided with the UK Queen’s death.

          • oh, they have data about who among the dead are vaccinated? Link?

          • You can find the data from the UK Institute of National Statistics (IONs) under deaths by vaccination status, England. (data set until end July 2022 I think). England of course doesn’t include Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

          • Link, dear, Link.
            there is a difference if you’re talking of “deaths” in general or of “covid-deaths”.

          • 100 years ago there were two big peaks in mortality, in infancy and then progressively with age. Over that 100 years the peak in infancy has largely been eradicated so now the probability of dying just increases with age. The demographic with the highest level of vaccination are the old and again the percentage increases with age getting close to 100 % in the oldest age group. That is the reason why the mortality rate is highest amongst the vaccinated. If everybody is vaccinated then everybody who dies, whatever they die of, is vaccinated. Simple mathematics.

            Across Europe, including the UK, the healthcare system was devastated by COVID. Diagnosis and treatment of other diseases almost came to a complete halt. For some diseases, like cancer, early diagnosis and treatment is vital for survival rates. That is one major cause of the current increase in excess deaths.

            In the UK the NHS has also been devastated by Tory cuts over a period of 12 years. This has particularly badly affected the ambulance service. The survival rate of some diseases, like cardiac arrests and strokes, is critically dependent on ambulance response times which have extended massively. The people I have seen interviewed from the NHS believe that the response delay is the bigger factor in excess deaths in the UK although delayed diagnosis and treatment is a significant factor.

            I have seen no study anywhere attributing current excess deaths to vaccination other than from conspiracy theorists. You cannot infer causality from raw data. You need to analyse it to determine the causes.

    • I have the same problem as you.
      Maybe the change the booking system?????
      Hope so

  2. Also in The Netherlands there is excess mortality of about 1,300 persons per month. After a long period of trying to get an investigation by the opposition parties, the Dutch senate has finally ordered an analysis of this. The investigators have asked the Ministry of Health for vaccination data of those deaths, but they don’t want to give that because of privacy reasons (!??!!). May I remind you that not so long ago everyone working in a bar or restaurant (also in The NL) could ask for your medical QR certificate. But now, to do a public investigation of the deaths, this is private information? Are there people that still think that they have nothing to hide here?

    • higher mortality here in GR too in the last months. One possible explanation: people did not go to docs, hospitals out of fear to get infected with Covid.

      • “One possible explanation: people did not go to docs, hospitals out of fear to get infected with Covid.”

        I agree that X people will have probably died due to that reason. However the “sudden adult death” syndrome – e.g. very fit and well monitored athletes keeling over is not due to lack of health monitoring. Ditto for Pilots.

        In my small village 55% of a local Taekwondo class (aged 13 to 16) were not able to return after they received their job. Their very fit teacher was also similarly incapacitated and has now lost his livelihood into the bargain.

        • Raw data (and unverified “pilots, pupils, whatevers claims) does not say much to causes of deaths unless more data available and analysis. the rest is conspiracy theories which you have been zealously practicing since the covid-outbreak.

  3. KTG Honey – here is a link

    Excess deaths means more deaths than in the comparable timeframe since early 2020 (i.e. the last 2 years and not attributable to covid0. Unknown causes, sudden adult death syndrome.

  4. I can’t even book my third booster