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Turkey’s MOD Akar beats the war drums: “Navy and Air Force have received clear instructions”

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar started beating the drums of war and announced he has already given clear instructions to the Navy and the Air Force of his country. Akar’s clear threats against Greece are the latest level of aggressiveness in a tension that has been escalating on daily basis in the last couple of months.

“Imia is a landmark,” he said with reference to the Turkish-Greek crisis in 1996 that brought both countries to the verge of a war and established the “grey zones” in the Aegean Sea.

“We are not taking a step back,” Akar said in a short of “war declaration” on Wednesday, addressing the opening ceremony of the new academic year at the Turkish Air Force Academy.

The Turkish Defense Minister launched again a verbal on Greece, saying that it is a typical example of “bad neighborliness” with lies and provocations.

“We want the wealth of the Aegean to be shared fairly within the framework of international law and good neighborly relations,” he said characteristically.

Then adding that some politicians in Greece constantly speak against Turkey and resort to lies to gain a position in domestic politics, Akar said:

“It is not possible to step back even a millimeter. Everything that needs to be done about it has been done and is being done. In particular, our Navy and Air Force have been given clear instructions. It is impossible to show understanding and make concessions. Regardless of who is behind them (the Greeks), we are determined to do whatever is necessary.”

Following Erdogan’s “line”, that behind Greece “hide” other forces, Akar again referred to his favorite topic, the Asia Minor disaster.

“Do not be misled by some futile efforts to equip, the so-called alliances, the exploits of some countries and the encouragement of those who try to sell arms. These weapons are of no use to you. This armament is too much for defense, too little for Turkey. These alliances are worthless. There are examples of this, nobody sticks around when there is a problem. Example: 1919-1922. Some countries tried to use Greece as a proxy against Turkey. They entered Anatolia and ended up falling into the sea in 1922. Read the story, remember. If you’re thinking about something like that, we say, ‘Don’t forget to swim’.”

Addressing the so-called ‘allies’, that is USA and the EU, the Defense Minister had also a message for those who “incite” – according to Turkey – the “Greek provocation”:

“Because they are biased, they ignore what Greece is doing… We say that if you don’t want a problem between Turkey and Greece to have objective criteria. If you support Greece publicly and do not keep the balance, the consequences will be serious. Not only for Greece and Turkey, but for everyone.”

Hulusi Akar further said that Greece has armed the islands with civilian status (GASA) in violation of international law and said, “We are watching everything closely. The necessary studies have been done and are being done for them. This situation started in 1956 with Chios. A few things have happened since that day, but Imia is a landmark. There is no question of them taking a step after that. Wherever it goes, if we die, if we become martyrs, we are veterans. It is so simple”. []

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  1. It seems the Putin virus is highly infectious and spreading.

  2. Inflation skyrocket in Turkey and therefore also the war rhetoric

  3. Very difficult for Greece to cope with these constant inflammatory threats all the time,years of it,and governments here keep under good control under the barrage of almost daily threats and why has the beast of Turkey been now invited to a European meeting,make up your minds EU,stop feeding the hand that never stops biting you.