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Tsipras calls for EU sanctions to keep Turkish aggression in check

Greece main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras has urged the European Union to prepare a package of sanctions against Turkey over its escalating challenges to Greek sovereignty.

The interventions of the leader of left-wing SYRIZA came on the sidelines of the Eurosocialist Summit PES in Prague.

Tsipras called on the EU to activate a package of sanctions if Turkey violates Greece’s sovereign rights,

He emphasized that Europe “must decide if it will have double standards. It cannot rightly opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and at the same time to not take a clear position and stance regarding Turkey’s violation of the sovereign rights of an EU member state with the illegal Turkish-Libyan pact.”

In this sense, “the EU must have a clear position regarding a sanctions framework, a sanctions package, based on the 2019 framework that will be activated if Turkey violates Greece’s sovereign rights west of the 28th meridian,” Tsipras stressed.

He raised the issue also at a meeting with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell also in Prague on Thursday.

Tsipras reportedly pointed out to Borrell that the EU cannot limit itself to statements against the escalating Turkish aggression but must immediately adopt a package of sanctions based on the 2019 framework.

“Actions, not words, are needed from the bloc to keep Turkish aggression in check,” Tsipras said reiterating to EU’s diplomacy chief “sanctions should be activated if Turkey violates Greece’s sovereignty and sovereign rights.”

Tsipras’ comments came as president Recep Tayyup Erdogan warned Greece again that “we may suddenly arrive in the middle of the night,” and thus during the official dinner where also Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis was present.

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