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Regulatory authority chief assures of no power cut risks

Greece will not be left without electricity, assures, not a politician, but the man with the clearest view of the market, i.e. the head of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), associate professor Athanasios Dagoumas. He does admit, however, that households and businesses are looking at a difficult winter ahead.

Power cuts, according to Dagoumas, are the last measure for extreme scenarios, and grid administrators ADMIE and DEDDIE are obliged to record the order of service interruption. “We hope it will not come to that, but we are preparing for the eventuality,” he emphasizes in an interview to Kathimerini.

“The lignite units strengthen the security of supply and, especially today, they are a key driver for dealing with the energy crisis,” Dagoumas says, and the time of their withdrawal will be determined by the degree of renewables’ penetration.

Speaking about the energy crisis, he highlights the fact that “the Greek proposals are currently the basis of discussion in Europe.” RAE even appears to be taking the initiative to mobilize the European regulator (ACER) to proceed with changes to the existing operating model of the electricity market.

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