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Two police officers arrested for gang rape in downtown Athens police station

The public prosecutor in Athens on Friday brought felony charges against two policemen for the gang rape of a 19-year-old woman inside the police station of Omonia in downtown Athens. Charges of violation of the law on personal data were brought, too, the officers allegedly filmed the attack.

It was the victim that reported the incident and a medical examination confirmed “signs of a rape”, state broadcaster ERT reported.

The two policemen were arrested on Friday morning by members of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of Greek Police (ELAS) that had examined the victim’s complaint.

The 19-year-old woman has reportedly told investigators, the rape took place in the changing room of police officers of the station the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 12.

The victim was able to describe the room to which only officers have access.

According to LiveNews Magazine Mega TV, the victim was first raped by a 21-year-old policeman and right afterward by his 24-year-old colleague. A third police man was outside the door, while the fourth on the motorcycle had left.

The rapists have allegedly filmed their acts, therefore the charges for private data violation.

The victim was in downtown Athens with a friend when they were approached by  the two DIAS motorcycles with a total of four officers on and under some pretext the women were taken to the station.

The officers offered a tour inside the police station, while the victim’s friend did not join and was waiting outside.

When the victim came out the station she told her friend what happened. The next morning they went to a medical examiner who confirmed that the young woman was raped. They were advised to file a complaint and so they did.

According to state-run news agency amna, the two police officers, who serve in the DIAS team of officers on motorcycles, were summoned on Thursday by the the specific team in the context of investigating the 19-year-old’s complaint.

The two denied the accusation and gave their own version of what had happened. According to amna information, the two defendants allegedly claim that there was consent from the complainant.

One of them said that there was sexual intercourse with the woman’s consent, however, not inside the station but in his car after he finished his shift, daily efsyn reported. The daily added that both officers had filmed the acts with there mobile phones.

However, according to news website koutipandoras, one used the camera on his uniform to film the attack.

Another equally shocking and interesting revealed detail is that when investigators searched for footage to confirmed the presence of the victim and the two officers, they found out that the security cameras were out of operation.

One of the defendants told investigators that he was not present.

According to ERT, the guard at the entrance testified to have seen the victim and both defendants entering the police station.

The two defendants were referred to an investigator from whom they will request a deadline for their testimonies.

They claim that they have been victims of a plot.

Minister for Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos said “the law is the same for everyone.”

If the victim’s allegations proven to be true, the officers will be punished accordingly.

Late on Friday, the two officers were suspended from duty, ERT reported.

PS The last thing we’d need in this country facing a wave of rapes, abuses and femicide is that young women start running away when they see police on motorcycles.

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  1. The Police Officers are innocent until proven guilty. How many times do false rape accusations go unpunished?