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State Department against Turkey-Russia cooperation to form a natural gas hub

US State Department expressed on Wednesday the opposition of the United States to the agreement announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the creation of a natural gas hub in cooperation with Russia.

“We have worked closely with our allies and partners to impose severe and unprecedented costs on Russia, including through sanctions, export controls, visa restrictions. We have urged Turkey and all of our allies and partners that no one should have become a safe haven for illicit Russian assets or transactions, and we will continue to make that case,” Vedant Patel, State Depatment’s principal deputy spokesperson said.

“And as it relates to the energy conversation, we have continued to urge our allies to take steps to diversify their energy sources, to reduce energy reliance on Russia. And in the case of Turkey, we are working with them closely to assist in their own efforts to enhance energy security in the long term,” he added.

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  1. against Israel-Cyprus-Greece Natural Gas Pipeline – check
    against Russia-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline – check
    for Europeans paying 5x the price for USA Shale LNG – check

    European Politicians – Yes sir!

    • US has done a phenomenal job of brainwashing EU governments. Washington will succeed in eliminating its main competitor in the world, namely the EU. When Russia wins the Ukraine war, they and the US will be sitting pretty, and Europe will be destroyed. This is crazy.

  2. From where will we buy Natural Gas?

  3. All have to buy dirty and expensive shale gas… from the USA. Its a war between US against Europe or better fashistoid capitalism against the free world, not RUS vs UKR.