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NATO-member Turkey threatens another member with missiles

President of NATO member Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, threatened another NATO member, Greece, with its newly tested ballistic missile “Tayfun.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Erdogan said that “Athens is within its range”of the Tayfun missile as its range which is 561 km “will increase.”

He claimed that the test launch of Tayfun on October 18 “caused panic among the Greeks”.

At the same time, he announced drilling, south of Crete, within the framework of the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

He presented these two maps.

“The Tayfun test drove Greece crazy. We will continue to develop the technology of the Tayfun ballistic missile and increase its range. That is more than 561 kilometers. Of course, the Greeks were afraid, as Athens is within his range,” The Turkish President said.

He added that Turkey will strengthen its defense industry as of 2023 with fighter jets, frigates and rockets Made in Turkey.

He claimed that “Greece has been following an aggressive policy against Turkey in the last period. This is unacceptable. Against this attitude we will not be silent and we will react not with words but with deeds. So Greece should get it together.”

Erdogan noted that negotiations with Russia for an energy hub are ongoing and that [Eastern] Thrace is being considered as the most favorite candidate to create an energy hub for production and distribution of natural gas in Europe.

Regarding gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea, he added that with  drilling and research vessels “we have both in the Black Sea and in the Mediterranean, we have the opportunity to drill in various areas and extract natural gas from there and sell it to third countries.

He said that proposals are coming in this direction from various countries, naming first of all Libya.

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