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Explore Athens: New Audiovisual Walks with Google technology

A new innovative way to explore the city of Athens on foot based on curated audiovisual walks was announced by the Greek Tourism Ministry, the municipality of Athens and Google on Thursday.

The curated audiovisual walks are included in “Athens: The City is the Museum” available at athens.withgoogle.com

There users can see a map indicating a series of walks and stops showcasing the city’s street art, music, food and architecture, as well as the possibility to explore neighborhoods off the path.

By visiting athens.withgoogle.com, a visitor can select a suggested fixed route in central Athens which includes audio descriptions and video footage of key spots along the way.

For example, Audio Walk 1 includes material the changing cultural landscape of Athens, from underground skate shops to street art culture, to the ever evolving Omonia Square.

Audio Walk 1 explores the areas of Metaxourgio · Keramikos · Psirri · Omonia Square

  • Total distance2.4 km
  • Estimated walking time (including audio)2 hours
  • Number of stops 10

The curated audiovisual walks are in Greek and English.



The campaign also seeks to underscore Athens’ attractiveness as an all-year destination.

Greece’s Tourism Ministry and the City of Athens partnership with Google was initiated by tourism professionals in spring 2022.

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said that the announcement “follows the strategic partnership we have launched with Google on sustainable tourism since April 2022,” and the walks are part of the plan “Athens. The city is the museum”.

The minister called this latest set of curated walks “an innovative initiative” that will open Athens to a more personal experience by tourists and reveal less obvious landmarks in a modern and innovative way.

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