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Covid-vaccination platform for children aged 6 months-4 years opens Nov 11

The Covid-19 vaccination platform for children aged 6 months to 4 years opened on Friday morning, November 11, 2022 Greece’s health authorities

For this age group, Greece has taken delivery of Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19.

The first of the new vaccines for this age group will start to be administered as of next week.

Platform for vaccination appointment at


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  1. WHAT!!!!!you have no idea the outcome of this on your children.

  2. the end of human being starts now…

  3. Well if it saves them 100 euro a month when they’re older……

  4. Absolute and utter madness!….an adult is free to choose as they wish, but a child of 6 months to 4 years is nothing more than a lab rat….think again parents, if you love your kids.

  5. Well chosen picture to illustrate the article!

  6. Are they nuts?! The long term outcomes of the vaccination with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine are not known. But people everywhere are getting heart and other problems. Some people have dropped dead literally after getting the vaccination and some have dropped dead some time after.

    Young people were/are very little affected by Covid. My daughter had it twice, as did we her parents. In both cases it was a day of fever and headache and a bit of vomiting for her. Two to three days later, back to normal. I was down the first time for 2 to 3 weeks but the second time I barely noticed. The first time it was the UK version, the second time Omnicron. The virus mutates but wears off*

    * the strains that developed from the original string, that is. The University of Boston with a grant from Fauci that was requested and assigned to Peter Daszak who was deeply involved in Wuhan, was recently experimenting with creating a virus where the original string and Omnicron were combined. So they combined a highly deadly but not so contagious string with a not so dangerous but highly contagious one.

    • good for you. we lost one relative and one friend to Covid-10. both unvaxxed.

      • I am sorry for your loss 🙁

        I also lost a good friend to Covid. She was unvaxxed. She was afraid to get vaxxed because she had a stroke when she was young. She was afraid for blood clots. We pleaded with her to get vaxxed because the virus can and will also cause blood clots. But we pleaded in vein. She died alone in a hospital without proper care.

        A family member of a friend of mine died on the spot when he got the Covid vaccination. Anaphylactic shock I guess.

        It is not black and white.

        I was unvaxxed when I got it. I was on the waiting list to get vaccinated but Covid beat me to it. I was lucky but at one moment my blood saturation was at 90%. That is borderline hospitalization. 10% of my lungs were affected and it didn’t become more because I was on time with treatment which was hard. Two heavy antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infection and prednisone 50mg to beat the inflammation. And some more stuff. I still suffer after effects from Covid because it damages the innerlining of the veins, all veins. Mostly brain fog and joint and muscle pain. After Covid, I was fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca. I was scheduled for that anyway. No side-effects whatsoever. I decided to stay away from untested Pfizer mRNA vaccines which turns the cells in your body into little factories producing the spike protein. But when will that stop?

        It is not about vaccines for adults but for children and research everywhere around the world shows that children up to 16 years have the lowest mortality and sickness rates of all age groups affected. That is because children have incredible and fast immune systems. My child recovered really quickly while I struggled and I don’t have any co-morbilities.
        So it is really questionable if children need to take this particular vaccine. Many vaccines are actually very much required for children in order to avoid children’s diseases. But in this case I really question it considering the side effects.

        But if a virus as developed by the University of Boston would escape and get into the wild, all bets are off. Mad scientists.