Tuesday , September 26 2023
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Flu vaccination without prescription, says Health Minister

Health Minister Thanos Plevris, announced on Thursday the end of prescription for the flu vaccine. Citizens will have them directly at the pharmacy without  without requiring a prior visit to a doctor.

The process is estimated to start within the next two weeks, the minister told ANT1 TV.

“We have now ensured the adequacy of influenza vaccines. We will open the system so that vaccination can be done without a prescription,” he said.

Plevris pointed out that the mandatory prescription created a series of problems that resulted in the recording of low rates of vaccination of the population against the flu in contrast to the years when the prescription was not necessary.

He added that citizens over 65 and vulnerable groups should be vaccinated against influenza.

PS Once the system opens for flu vaccination without prescription we’ll keep you updated on the procedure.

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