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Greece weekly: 43,914 coronavirus cases, 118 deaths

Greece’s health authorities announced on Tuesday 43,914 coronavirus cases confirmed in the week of November 21-27, ISO week 47/2022.

According to the weekly coronavirus bulletin by the National Health Care organization EODY, 118 Covid-patients died in the same period, while the number of those intubated stood at 97 on Nov 27.

Rt: 0.86

The 43,914 cases are equivalent to 4,209 coronavirus cases per 1 mln people (weekly change: -19%). Reinfentions increased to 28%.

All confirmed infections since the pandemic began are 5,404,690.

A total of 1,283 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospital during the week of November 21-27, while the total number of Covid-19 patients discharged from hospitals for the same week was 1,250 (179 as weekly average, or 9% compared to previous week).

93 hospital patients were on ventilators on November 27. Their median age is 74 years and 89.2% have an underlying condition and/or are aged 70 or more.

118 deaths from Covid-19, or 11 deaths per 1 mln people (weekly change: -26%) were recorded in the same week, bringing the total number of victims since the pandemic began to 34,309.

Of the people who died, 96.1% had an underlying condition and/or were aged 70 or more.

The median age of those who were infected was 39 years of age, and of those who died it was 80.

Omicron and sub-variants

New increase in cases of the sub-variant BQ1.1 in the country.

According to EODY weekly report, the sub-variant of the Omicron BQ1.1 mutation continues to register new cases in Greece, while Omicron 5 (BA5) remains dominant.

The Omicron mutation was identified in all the examined samples.

From week 36 onward, the BA.2 strain shows an increase, while BA.5 shows a relative decrease. Despite this, the BA.5 strain is still the most frequently identified.

Regarding the temporal evolution of the sub-variants of the BA.5 strain, in week 39 the sub-variant BQ.1 appeared and then BQ.1.1., which shows a relative increase compared to the other sub-variants of the BA strain. 5.

The relative frequency of the BA.2 strain sub-variants, including the sub-variant of interest BA.2.75, remains at the same levels as last week.

Geographic distribution Nov 21-27

19,113 Attica

4,244 Thessaloniki

Distribution across the country


EODY weekly bulletin ISO week 47/2022 in Greek here.

More on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. So using the figures wisely and not using scare tactics only 6 people actually died of COVID!

    Of those infected or died how many have used the drug referred to as a vaccination? Why are those figures not published?

    In comparison how many of these people have had flu? How many have terminal lung cancer or some other lung disease.