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Greece weekly: 51,824 coronavirus cases, 130 deaths, reinfections rise

Coronavirus cases and reinfections rose in the last week as Greece’s health authorities announced on Tuesday, 51,824 coronavirus cases confirmed in the week of December 5-11, ISO week 49 /2022.

According to weekly report by the National Public Health Organization (EODY) 130 Covid-patients died in the same period, while 88 Covid-patients were intubated in hospitals on Dec 11.

Rt: 0.95

The 51,824 coronavirus cases are equivalent to 4,968 coronavirus cases per 1 mln people (weekly change: +18%).

A 30% of the new weekly cases are reinfections.

All confirmed infections since the pandemic began are 5,500,737.

A total of 1,437 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospital during the week of December 5-11, while the total number of Covid-19 patients discharged from hospitals for the same week was 1,062 (152 as weekly average, or 1% compared to previous week).

88 hospital patients were on ventilators on December 11. Their median age is 76 years and 98.9% have an underlying condition and/or are aged 70 or more.

130 deaths from Covid-19, or 12 deaths per 1 mln people (weekly change: -17%), bringing the total of pandemic victims since the pandemic began to 34,614.

Of the people who died, 96.1% had an underlying condition and/or were aged 70 or more.

The median age of those who were infected was 39 years of age, and of those who died it was 80.

Prevailing Mutations

The EODY announced the new data on all the mutations of the coronavirus. Specifically, from weeks 09-10 of 2022 when the Omicron strain completely prevailed until weeks 47-48 of 2022, a total of 15,532 samples were genomically analyzed.

Chart 10 shows the temporal evolution of the relative frequency of occurrence of the main sub-variants of the Omicron mutation from week 09 of 2022 to week 48 of 2022. From week 36 of 2022 onwards, strain BA.2 shows an increase, while the NE.5 relative decrease. Despite this, the BA.5 strain is still the most frequently identified.

Chart 11 shows the temporal evolution of the sub-variants of the BA.5 strain, in week 39 the sub-variant BQ.1 appeared and then BQ.1.1., which shows an increase in relation to the other sub-variants of the BA.5 strain.

Geographic distribution Dec 5-11

21,375 Attica

5,251 Thessaloniki

Distribution across Greece

EODY weekly report in Greek here.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Corona like other infection diseases will never go away so my question (not to offend) is how long are we keeping it headline news?

    • true: KTG could have posted the weekly report with the title: Little red riding hood is still alive

    • I think reading about the different variants circulating is helpful. (I wish we also had this information about the flu strains). I’m debating whether or not it’s worth getting the new BA45 vaccine that is on offer. I’m not sure. Has anyone had it?