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Two minors charged with attempted rape of 14-year-old classmate

Two minors were remanded custody after they were charged with the attempted rape of a 14-year-old classmate. The schoolboys were arrested along with three more in the city of Corinth in North Peloponnese on Thursday

The arrest of the five schoolboys, aged 13 to 16, followed the complain of the victim’s mother to local police.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the three of the five were released under the conditions of reporting to local police station and change of the school.

The girl’s mother reportedly told police that the five boys tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter in the playground of a secondary school short after 11 o’ clock on Wednesday morning right after the end of the break.

One of the boys lured the 14-year-old girl saying that a friend of hers wanted to talk with her.

The victim followed the boy, who started to attack her with punches and immobilized her with a headlock. Soon the other four boys appeared, threw her down, immobilized her and tried to pull down her pants.

The girl resisted and managed to escape.

The father of one of the arrested boys threatened to sue the school principal

“We are shocked. I will be suing the school principal for malpractice. If they did their job properly nothing would have happened and they never contacted us to tell us what happened and how” the father told media.

He added that his son told him that “everything that happened was part of a joke. He was not involved… I will never forget the image of my child in handcuffs.”

Also a mother of another arrestee claimed her boy had nothing to do with the incident and that her son only watched what happened.

According to STAR TV a coroner who examined the victim twice could only confirm bruises on legs and arms and her chest.

“Some of the boys were known to police for similar offenses,” Star TV added!

PS No idea how parents raise their children nowadays…

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  1. They dont raise them,social media does.

  2. Parents surely don’t tell them to go out and rape people. And this stuff was happening in the past as well. Lets’s not pretend the old days were better. Tiktok has a lot to answer for. And the idea that everything has to be recorded and shared on social media.

    More importantly we need to put away a couple of lines of thought: boys will be boys and “they were only playing/joking “. Let’s add “leave them, they’re children, they don’t understand what they’re doing. ” Until we stop treating boys differently and start calling them on their behaviour there will be no change.

    The most chilling sentence in the article is “some of them were already known to police for similar offences “. In THIS case one can ask what are THOSE particular parents doing? What programs are being offered AND, more importantly, what is the home environment. If mistreatment of women is the norm, children copy what they see.