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Thessaloniki: 29-year-old son beats and stabs mother to death

A 29-year-old son brutally beat and stabbed to death his 60-year-old mother in her home in Kalamaria district of Thessaloniki on Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors said that they heard voices and noises from the apartment short before 4 o’ clock and called the police.

Police officers and ambulance rescuers were confronted with a shocking picture: the victim was sitting in an armchair, she was covered in blood with many wounds on her face and body, while at first it was difficult to understand what had caused them.

Short after, police collected a kitchen knife that had obvious traces of blood and was allegedly used by the perpetrator. According to ANT1 TV, police seized also two gym weights.  to information the 29-year-old hit his mother with a second object as well, while he also beat with his hands. According to police, a short-sleeved shirt full of blood was also found.

An autopsy will determine the exact cause of the victim’s death.

The 29-year-old shot was also sitting in an armchair, reportedly confessed to the crime. He was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic on Wednesday night by order of the prosecutor and issunder guard.

A case file against the son has been filed by the Department of Crimes against Life and Personal Freedom of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate for manslaughter and illegal carrying and use of weapons.

The parents were divorced, mother and son live together until the last two years, when he moved out to live with his girl friend.

Neighbors told media that they were not aware that the perpetrator was suffering form psychological problems.

They spoke of a “gentle young man” and of the mother being “a fine lady.” their name is associated with an active business in the clothing industry of Thessaloniki.

They also said that mother and son had a good relationship. she was protective and used to visit her son in his apartment regularly, thus bringing food to the young couple.

Neigbors who heard the loud and intense argument Wednesday afternoon, said that the perpetrators last words to his mother were “You’re finished!”

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