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Anti-smoking law to be updated to plug loopholes

Over the next three months the Health Ministry will seek to close the loopholes in the anti-smoking legislation that allow closed areas to be characterized as open-air, thus allowing people to smoke.

Smoking of cigarettes will be expressly banned in cafes, bars, restaurants etc that are closed with canopies, plastic sheeting and other protective barriers.

It will do this, in cooperation with the relevant ministries, by updating the smoking ban legislation and providing a more precise description of the areas where smoking is prohibited.

In addition, by redefining the tobacco products whose use is prohibited in enclosed public places, taking into account all the new products that are on the market.

Actions to prevent smoking from a very young age are also being planned. The aim is that children born in Greece in 2025 will be the first generation not to smoke and not to be exposed to tobacco. [kathimerini]

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  1. But gladly they take the taxes from tobacco and cigarettes

  2. Let’s hope the laws are enforced!!

  3. I was living in New York when they started to implement very strict anti-smoking laws. Yes, they caused people to smoke less and even quit. Smoking just became too expensive and too annoying based on all of the restrictions. Fast forward to 2023. After a brief flirt with vaping, everyone is now smoking weed, which seems to be highly tolerated. Go figure! Is that the future here, too? Well, if the Israelis are growing it in Epanomi…

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