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Actors, theater workers on 48-hour strike

Actors and theater workers have called a 48-hour strike on Wednesday and Thursday in protest at a draft government bill on pay in the sector.

Strikers extend their mobilization to daily TV series sets where cameras will be off for the same two days.

The strike is been joined also by stand-up comedians and other performers in bars and other entertainment facilities.

Unionists said that under the proposed law, the “remuneration of artists in the wider public sector and in private entities will not be determined by collective labor agreements but by the respective government.”

Other unions said the bill would downgrade their degrees and qualifications.

Last week, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted on FB that he would look into the actors’ requests but they have not been convinced that essential measures will be taken.

According to upcoming legislation , actors’ degrees are to be equal with high school degrees.

The government dismisses all unions claims as “fake news.”

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