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Greek couple missing under the rubble in Antakya

Α Greek couple has been missing in the earthquake-stricken Antakya, media report late on Thursday. Relatives of the missing couple has reportedly alerted Greece’s diplomatic authorities in Turkey.

The couple has dual citizenship and has been missing since the first day of the devastating 7.8 R earthquake early Monday morning.

According to ANT1 correspondent reporting from the spot,, it was the couple’s daughter who alerted authorities.

Speaking to ANT1 the couple’s son-in-law said that the couple has been under the rubble since day one and that in the first days they also heard their voices.

“Now we hear nothing,” the son-in-law reportedly said.

The man is Greek married to a member of the Orthodox Syrian community.

The couple, aged 65 and 62, has dual citizenship.

Citing diplomatic sources, Greek state-run news agency amna reports that the Greek embassy in Ankara has informed local authorities and rescue teams in the area.

They assure that efforts to locate the Greek couple are ongoing.

UPDATE: with a special permission, rescuers of the Greek EMAK have been deployed in the area on Friday morning to search for the couple.

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