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Debts to Municipalities will be written off after 5 years

Debts to municipal authorities will be written off after five years, according to a bill tabled by Greece’s interior ministry for a first reading at the parliamentary committee level.

According to media and Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, the bill refers to debts stemming from:

  • real estate fees (TAP/ΤΑΠ)
  • contribution of money for the inclusion of property in the city plan
  • fees for water and sewerage
  • fees for cemeteries
  • fees for municipal cleaning and streets lighting
  • Municipal Tax of Electrified Areas
  • various Potential Municipal Fees
  • fees on the gross revenues of entertainment facilities, restaurants.
  • The related surcharges and fines.

Debts from undeclared square meters of properties are excluded.

To start with, debts dating between 2009-2012 are the first to be written off.

Dues from 2013 to 2017 must be collected within two years, while the later ones, that is after 2018, five years after their certification.

According to daily imerisia, the immediate write-off of all civil and professional debts to the municipalities related to the years up to 2012 but not sought by the municipal authorities as well as the definitive write-off of confirmed debts to the municipalities, which arose in the years up to 2012 but not have been paid by the debtors, the debtors.

The current statute of limitations for municipal financial claims is 23 years.

It is not clear whether municipalities will still have the right to bring a debtor’s property to auction for debts of over 500 euros or claim back a ‘family grave’ if cemetery fees have not been paid for five years.

PS One is wondering how the municipalities will come to revenues, but it is their problem to solve…

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