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Giant, 130-meter-long, souvlaki roasted in Amfikleia, central Greece

The world’s largest kontosouvli, a giant souvlaki, has become a tradition for Amfikleia, central Greece. The large spicy souvlaki made of pork or other meats is traditionally slow roasted on a rod over an open charcoal pit. this year in Amfikleia they surpassed themselves roasting a 130-meters long kontosouvli.

The huge souvlaki was roasted along the main street of the village on the last Sunday of Carnival.

After three years of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festivities are back, along with the traditional spit, of course.

The kontosouvli roasted over the open fire from morning until the noon, then it was cut into portions and distributed to locals and visitors who celebrated the Carnival in the village of Fthiotida, under the snow-capped peaks of Parnassos mountain.

To prepare the giant spit, 800 kg of meat, mutton and pork, were used.

Last time the kontosouvli tradition was held, the spit was 125 meters long and 750 kg of meat were used.

Mayor of Amfikleia – Elateia, Anastasia Stivaktis said that this year the participation of volunteers surpassed any previous one, while the visitors also honored the custom by flooding the central square of the village.

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