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Hellenic Train: Hundreds of Athens-Thessaloniki passengers stranded

Hundreds of passengers on Athens-Thessaloniki remain stranded at the Palaiofarsalo station, central Greece, in one more incident of the apparently troubled Hellenic Train company.

According to λοψαλ media, some 450 passengers remain for over an hour inside the train after electric cables fell on the train.

According to preliminary information, the train that left Athens at 13:20, had reached Paleofarsalo and while the passengers were disembarking, an explosion occurred in the power cables hanging above the train.

The explosion cut the 25,000 volt cable that fell onto the train.

Passengers are not allowed to exit the train as there is a high risk of being electrocuted by the high voltage and possible leakages, reports local media

In a statement the company Hellenic Traiin said that the IC 56 train remains in Palaiofarsalo – near the city of Larissa – due to a technical problem with the electrification cable.

A significant delay is expected and passengers will be transfer by buses to their destination in Larissa, Katerini, PLaty and Thessaloniki, the company announced.

The only train company in Greece, the former state company, TRAINOSE, was privatized in 2017 by order to the country’s lenders. It was acquired the FS Italiane for just 45 million euros.

Equivalent to the acquiring amount is also the service the company provides in the last two years, when passengers get stranded on and off.

Despite the imposed fines, Hellenic Train does not improve.

Beginning of the month, passengers remained stranded for two hours in rain and cold again in Palaiofarsalo.

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  1. Perhaps this incident set something in motion that contributed to the tragic train collision at Vale de Temp. It is a terrible tragedy. I guess KTG is in the process of collecting and compiling the news.
    Some employees of the rail company said there were big problems with the electronic train guidance system.